World No Tobacco Day

Our writers feel for the smoke and they feel for the smokers... Here's to Smoking Here's to the Smokers Here's to Cigarettes and, Here's to  everything in between And everything aside, Here's to the smoke that clouds some lives...

Creative Content on Rise: Solve it with Branded Content

Branded content has proved to be one of the most effective tools of advertising in the past couple of decades. And that’s typical because this format of advertising engages its audience through stories. Branded content may range from podcasts to short films and right up to creatively written articles and poems. It establishes a foundation... Continue Reading →

Got any room for cricket?

IPL, The Indian Premier League started out as a platform for the young generation of Indian players to showcase their talent and also increase the universal aspect of the sport. Needless to say, this has been possible because of the sponsors and brands that have invested their money in this sport to advertise themselves as... Continue Reading →

Oh So Niche!

Let me start with the technical definition on Niche! …that appeal to a small or specialised section of the population. Niche Marketing are the strategies and communication designed for products and services meant for special audience. Segmenting and Targeting a set of people is often confused with Niche Marketing. However, this difference lies in identifying... Continue Reading →

Marketing Question: Quora

You must have used Quora to find answers or help out people with their problems, or at least heard of this crowd sourcing question-answer platform. But what you don’t know is that there is a lot more to Quora than being a just a question-answer platform. In today's digital age of hyper-competitiveness, businesses are leaving... Continue Reading →

The Third Eye of Marketing -NeuroMarketing

In today’s digital landscape where marketers are vying for every second of the customers’ attention, traditional market research methodologies of surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. are falling short in terms of bringing out the real needs and wants of the customers. Neuroscience proves that purchase decisions are deep rooted within subconscious, which most often than... Continue Reading →

Illume Minutiae

We illume the minutiae. We pick, pick and pick away... on every idea, every thought that we come across. Constantly asking "Why?" Our response to every answer is "Why Not?" That's how we think. We work on the trivial details. We focus on little things. There are things that seem least important. Well, we bicker... Continue Reading →

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